The Master in Renewable Energies, Climate Change and Sustainable Development (MERYCSE) organises a seminar on Circular Economy: from rural for rural

26 de October de 2021

MERYCSE students shared an afternoon of debate with those responsible for initiatives based on the circular economy at the Faculty of Physics on Friday 7 May. The participants came from different Galician productive sectors and explained to the students a new productive model based on sustainability, solidarity and respect for the local and tradition. Among the participants were Xosé Antón Arauxo (Comunidade de montes vecinais en mans comuns de Couso), José Luis Carreira (Arqueixal), Rosendo Estévez (Trasdezanatur), Amparo Grandío (Petiscos), Elvira Posada (Muñeiras de Requiande), Lucas Requejo (Fundación Ecoagroturismo) and Vanessa Loureiro (Fundación Roberto Rivas).

As a result of this collaboration, MERYCSE students will be able to participate in different initiatives in the form of projects that they tare intended to be developed jointly with these new social actors.

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