Master’s Degree in Renewable Energies,
Climate Change and Sustainable Development
University of Santiago de Compostela


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Dual research and professional orientation

Máster con adscripción a un Programa de Doctorado en Energías Renovables y Sostenibilidad Energética.

Its double investigative and professional orientation reinforces its training capacity, which allows students to choose between continuing to complete their training with a PhD or training to enter the labor market. 

The MERYCSE develops an intense collaboration with Companies, Institutions, FP, Secondary, other national and international Masters where common training spaces could coincide.

It is a very open Master’s degree that allows access to graduates of:




Social Sciences

Legal Sciences

What you will learn

This Master’s degree will enable you to:

Develop yourself professionally in renewable energies and R+D+i

To be able to join a research group or a company in the field of renewable energies and sustainability.

Plan, design, project, manage and operate sustainable energy solutions

Modelos de gestión o instalaciones dentro de un proceso de transición justa.

To have a comprehensive understanding of renewable energy solutions

Entender los factores sociales, jurídicos y económicos que intervienen en la implantación de las energías renovables en el marco de la sostenibilidad y del cambio climático.

Familiarize yourself with the Just Transition processes

Be able to develop just transition processes in different settings.

Issue energy efficiency certifications

Train our students to issue energy certifications in all types of facilities.

Develop projects in the field of the Green Deal

Integrate EU environmental policy initiatives in all our proposals.


What our students say

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A different way of living

Job offers

Let’s work together

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MERYCSE Environment

A space to develop initiatives and create sustainable wealth

All of us who are part of MERYCSE want to share this integrating space to develop initiatives and create sustainable wealth attached to our land.

Ideas, proposals and projects that allow us to face a just transition and create a new welfare.

If you want to be part of this exciting adventure you only have to contact us and propose your initiative or collaborate in any of our lines of work.

Creation of an Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recovery Centre for the proper management of this type of waste in your Community

Available soon.

Study and implementation of socially appropriate solutions for your community

Available soon.

Study and implementation of solutions technologically adapted to the needs of your Community

Available soon.

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