Representatives of the Galician Parliamentary Groups and students of the Master in Renewable Energies, Climate Change and Sustainable Development (MERYCSE) debate on just transition in Galicia

26 de October de 2021

Last Thursday 6th May at the Faculty of Physics, Marta Nóvoa (PP), Luis Bará (BNG) and Pablo Arangüena (PSG-PSOE), as representatives of their respective Parliamentary Groups, held a debate of more than 3 hours with the MERYCSE students on the process of just transition that is about to take place in Galicia and that will be key for the future of our Community.

This debate is part of the training activities that are part of the Training Seminars offered by the MERYCSE. The conclusions reached in this debate will be the basis of a technical report that will be sent to the Parliamentary Groups.

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